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At Pavoni, environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance, a concept that implies the adoption of practices and policies that minimise the negative impact on the environment, community and society whilst promoting the responsible use of natural resources.

As a ‘100% made in Italy’ brand, sustainability is one of our core values, we collaborate with those that hold common values through our choice of suppliers. We produce and select only in Italy according to the highest environmental standards. We only select suppliers who 100% comply with environmental laws and REACH regulations.

Pavoni are 100% Made in Italy thus reducing CARBON DEPOSITS because all components, from the tanning process to the paper that we use are produced and supplied locally.

100% RECYCLED: Leather is a by-product of the food industry, a naturally biodegradable product, there is no waste, therefore no landfill so not harmful to the planet.

As the oldest used luxury material in the world, leather was the first material to be written on using parchment leather and from which the first small pouches and slings were made, so leather has always been recyclable.

Pavoni reduced major plastic waste by replacing all plastic water bottles at HQ with direct source water filter stations.

Pavoni create a healthier working environment by leading by example and promoting  an anti plastic office culture, replacing all single plastic use items with recyclable alternatives.

Pavoni are in the process of utilising the leather off cuts by creating a leather dust for reuse in building materials.

The majority of our hides are sourced within the EU.

The Pavoni brand CEO leads by example – driving a small Italian electric vehicle using an electric charging point he had installed on the Headquarters premises.

The environment and whole eco system is a topic I am consciously aware of, from the protection of Bees that are essential to our whole eco system, by championing the non-use of harmful pesticides, to educate individuals on the dangers of synthetic leather alternatives, that end up as landfill for hundreds of years. Our planet does not need more plastic, synthetic or harmful emission products, so the natural number one choice of the ancient material of leather is a way to protect our planet, whilst having the finest.”

– Alan Newberry – Chief Executive

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