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Patagonia Soft

Pure aniline dyed soft nubuck leather. This is the finest available and the ultimate in luxury tactile upholstery leather. Only advisable in the very best high end residential projects.

Aniline leather is where a hide is dyed through with aniline dyes, meaning that the colourant penetrates the entire thickness of the hide. After the dyeing process, any natural scars and markings on the hide will be visible on the surface. Aniline leather is only used in high-end furniture and luxury fashion accessories. It has a luxurious look and feel, and it’s very durable. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, stylish material, aniline leather is the perfect option.

Available in 22-25 sq ft half hides.
50 to 55 sq ft full hides on request.

Colours Available:

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