Luxury leather

Aniline Leather

Pavoni are at the forefront when it comes to luxurious natural Aniline leather. Their Velvet and Patagonia Soft hides are arguably the most tactile and buttery soft hides in the industry. Tanned using vegetable extracts as colour fasteners to give an aromatic and visual excellence. After the natural tanning process nothing else is added making these hides highly sought after by those who understand real luxury.

Semi Aniline

Pavoni offer their semi aniline leathers with practicality in mind, whilst at the same time never losing the tactility demanded from the brand.
Understanding modern demands in both High Residential and Hospitality environments where high volume traffic is a consideration, Pavoni offer incredible finishes that ooze panache. From Seul used by the likes of Ferrari and Poltrone Frau and Miro used by 5 Star resort clients and Super Yacht owners.

Embossed Aniline

Pavoni offer something very special on leather with beautiful embossed finishes on their Velvet aniline hides, this keeps the natural quality of the hides, also giving an incredible depth unlike anything else on the market. Pavoni Veneto on Velvet is a weaved effect that actually looks like it is hand weaved with leather strips rather than an embossed stamp on leather. Pavoni embossing can be stamped on any of their 20 standard colours.

Fashionable Trend

Historically involved in the leather fashion sector it is natural that Pavoni offers the most vibrant, stylish and up to date leathers that are usually difficult to obtain.
Luxury Fashion brand houses such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Etro worl 2 years in advance on their collections and Pavoni are at the cutting edge alongside them, thus offering that something unusual and chic.

Exotic Leather

Pavoni have long been known for their exotic hides and ability to custom colour in Alligator, Crocodile, Python and Stingray (Galuche). Semi Exotic leathers such as Ostrich and Deer are specialities from the House of Pavoni.
As an added luxurious twist Pavoni can also infuse 22 karat gold or add the odd diamond to that exotic hide.