Creating that Special Leather finished piece or Interior covering for your pleasure in the environment that suits you, means blending the best in 1st Grade Hides with a precise detailed application.

We ensure all types of Leather and finishes from us are entirely tanned using only vegetable extracts, giving aroma, texture and tactile excellence. All processes, without exception, including Exotic Leathers with outside origins, are 100% finished in Italy.

Being a Made in Italy brand, Pavoni offer Interior Designers complete solutions, from Custom finishing to fully made up furniture and wall panels for final installation.. All made by generations of Italian Artisan Craftsmen.

Clients can choose any finish in Leather, from Parchment to Python, Goats Suede to Sting Ray or Alligator to Antelope.

Our comprehensive catalogue of Italian Leathers are so versatile, they can be used for everything from divans to dining room tables, wall panelling to flooring. And if we don't carry the colour required we will customise to any specification.

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